Seniors Festival

Local seniors across Camden are being encouraged to enjoy new experiences, continue learning, impart their skills, and have fun during NSW Seniors Festival which will be held during March - April 2022.


Seniors Festival Virtual Concert

Check out the 2022 Seniors CHARM Festival here!

There's so much to love about life at any age and so much to love about the festival.  As well as promoting inclusive communities by providing an opportunity for seniors to try new things via our programs, they are able to contribute and remain active and engaged in their local communities.

Camden Council invites local seniors across Camden to celebrate the 2022 Seniors CHARM Festival. This year's them is "Reconnect" through Celebrating Seniors, Health and Wellbeing, Art, Reading and Music.

Council will offer free or low cost events and activities during Seniors Festival to inspire seniors to connect, contribute, try new things, stay active, share skills and keep doing the things they enjoy, together.

For more information email or phone 4645 7654.