Starting a Business

starting a new business in Camden

Camden LGA is a great place to set up your business. It is one of the fastest growing LGAs in Australia, with a range of catalytic infrastructure developments to support the growth and longevity of your business. If you are interested in Camden's economic profile and key industries, click here. 

Guide to starting

Starting a new business is exciting but can involve a lot of planning that can be challenging to navigate.

The Australian Government for Business provides helpful steps to planning for a new business. 

1. Make key decisions: Decide on a business structure, choose your business location and choose your business name. See if your business name is available HERE.

2. Plan your business: Develop your business plan, write a marketing plan, develop a risk management plan, and develop an export strategy.

3. Register your business name: Make it official by registering your business name by applying for an Australian Business Name (ABN) to set up your tax at the right rate to avoid penalties. Register HERE.

4. Prepare you finances: Know how to manage your cash flow by organising your finances, developing a pricing strategy and understanding invoicing and payments. If you need help, consider speaking to a financial advisor. 

5. Obtaining approvals: Obtain developmental consent and the right approvals and licenses. 

6, Know the lawProtect your business legally so it does not cost you time and money if something goes wrong. Consider speaking to a legal professional to help you along the way.

7. Protect your business: You invest too much time and money in your business to lose it. Understand business insurance, your Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations, protecting your business from cyber threats, and preparing for an emergency. Council presented a Disaster Preparedness Workshop for businesses – watch the video HERE. 

8. Prepare for tax: Keeping on top of your taxes can help you avoid penalties and ensure your business is taxed at the right rate. Understand taxation for your business and how to lodge and pay for tax HERE. 

9. Set up operations: Hire employees, manage your suppliers, and consider going online.

10. Market your business: Establish your brand and carry out your marketing plan with a guide HERE. 

Before obtaining development consent

To have the best chance in gaining the necessary approvals for a new business, it is important to consider a number of issues.

Firstly, you should look to select an appropriate site. The key matters to consider are:

  • select a site where your proposed business is allowed/permissible
  • understand the site constraints and the relevant planning controls
  • understand access and fire safety requirements (this is particularly relevant if you are looking to establish your business in an existing building). Compliance may require costly upgrades.

By considering these matters upfront, you will be able to determine the best way to obtain approvals. Employing the services of a suitably qualified town planner may assist this process.

Our fact sheets on Selecting a Site and Planning Constraints will help.

You should also consider if there are any policies or plans that are relevant to your business. Download the policies guide for more information.

Obtaining development consent

Once you have selected your site, you will need to consider the need for, and the right pathway to, obtain development consent. This might require the lodgement of a Development Application (DA) with Council.


Exempt and Complying Development

The NSW Government has a system for smaller developments known as Exempt and Complying Development. If your development is an Exempt Development you do not need to lodge a DA with Council. If your development is a Complying Development you need to obtain a Complying Development Certificate from either Council or a registered certifier. For more information please refer to the Development Process Check webpage.


Preparing your DA

You may wish to engage a suitably qualified and experienced town planner to assist in preparing your DA and to help manage your journey through the development assessment process. Find helpful tips about preparing your DA HERE. 


Formal Pre-DA Advice from Council

Formal pre-DA advice allows you to present plans of proposed developments to Council and obtain feedback priori to lodging your DA. To submit an enquiry to the Duty Officer for formal Pre-Da Advice, obtain a DA fee estimate or find a DA, visit HERE.

Lodge your DA 

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has developed a Planning Portal that allows you to submit many applications to Council online HERE.


After Obtaining Development Consent

Once Council has provided you with development consent you have various post-determination options and your development may require certification before you commence work. Please refer to the Determine and Certify webpages for information on your post-determination options and the need to obtain certification.


Obtaining the right approvals and licences

The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is a tool that can identify relevant government licences, permits, approvals, regulations and codes of practice needed to meet compliance obligations HERE.


Industry specific forms

  • Food premises register their business details and see relevant licences visit HERE.

Supply to Council

Did you know you can supply to Council? Once you have set-up your business, consider registering on VendorPanel Marketplace to be visible to Council buyers and find opportunity to quote on jobs. 

Register as a supplier HERE.


Running your business

Your business will need to continue to comply with any conditions that may have been attached to your development consent.

All businesses are also subject to health and safety requirements that are designed to protect both businesses and their customers and the community in general.

Find out more about:

Case studies and fact sheets

The following Case Studies and Fact Sheets give examples of how to research a site, check if your business is permitted and how to go about getting consent:


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If you have any questions regarding the start-up of your business contact the Economy & Place Team on 13 226 336 or