Small Business Month

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Small Business Month 2023 Wrap-up!

A successful Camden Council Small Business Month program gave local businesses opportunities to learn and connect. We provided tips for cyber security, introduced Council's procurement processes, got creative about pricing, and had a spooktacular networking event and panel discussion about marketing and branding. 

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2023 Program

Business Health Checks

Local businesses received one-on-one support from a Business Connect advisor on Monday 9 October, providing insight into their business structure to operate and grow a small business.

A Business Health Check is designed to identify opportunities and potential pitfalls clients need to be aware of to help their business thrive. If you are interested in future sessions, subscribe to the Business E-News HERE

Business Health Checks are facilitated by Business Connect (Alex Hawkins pictured, left) and supported by Service NSW Local Business Concierge (Julie Lewis pictured, right). 

Business Health Check Camden  

Get Cyber Secure: A step-by-step webinar on how to protect your business

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October was also Cyber Security Awareness Month, and a cyber security webinar was held on Wednesday 11 October. The webinar helped local businesses feel more confident and in control of how to prevent, respond to and recover from cyber threats and data breaches. Information covered in the session included:

  • Cyber threats, the key areas: malicious software, scam emails (phishing), malware.

  • Software considerations: automatic updates, automatic backups, multifactor authentication.

  • People and procedure: human error – the weakest link, access control – passphrases, employee training.

Creative Collab Workshop: Finding your ideal price point

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A pricing workshop for creative and emerging professionals was held on Thursday 12 October, to assist with understanding their market and how to value their works. 

This workshop was led by presenter Peter Day, from NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts). This workshop is part of the Creative Collab quarterly forum for creatives from the Macarthur Region. If you are interested in future workshops visit HERE

Guide to Doing Business with Camden Council Workshops

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Local businesses attended Council's procurement workshops on Monday 16 October and Friday 20 October. Both sessions unpacked how do to business with Camden Council including the processes and requirements to procurement. In addition, a speaker from Local Government Procurement (LGP) presented on the type of contracts businesses can engage with outside of the Camden LGA.

These workshops are part of Camden Council's local procurement campaign, a project supporting local businesses with more information on Council's procurement processes and opportunities. For more information visit HERE. 

Businesses and presenters were given a chance to network over light refreshments, to meet and connect with each other. 

   SBM procurement workshop 1               SBM procurement workshop 2                     SBM procurement workshop 3                           
 SBM Procurement workshop 4  SBM Procurement workshop 5  SBM procurement workshop 6




Trick AND Treat Meet and Greet Networking

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The trick AND treat Halloween-themed networking event was held on Wednesday 25 October for local businesses to engage in an interactive panel discuss with top marketing and branding professionals as well as network with fellow businesses.

The line up of guest speakers providing insights on seasonal marketing were RubyOnyx Marketing & Creative, The Socialista and Your One & Only Brand and Design Agency. The panel provided insights on seasonal marketing and more broadly, how to connect with your customers using a brand and marketing strategy. 

Networking 1   networking 2        Networking 3                      
Networking 4 Networking 5  Networking
Networking 7 Networking 8 Networking 9




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