Raby Road Design

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Project name: Raby Road Design

Project address: Raby Road, Leppington, Varroville and Raby NSW

Ward: Central and South


Raby Road is proposed to be upgraded between Emerald Hills Boulevard and Thunderbolt Drive, through funding from the NSW Government. The upgrade includes widening approximately 2.5 kilometres of Raby Road to a four-lane divided carriageway (two-lanes in both directions and median) which will provide connectivity to the existing road and pedestrian networks. The proposed upgrade aims to improve traffic flow and road safety along Raby Road and at key intersections. The project is located within Camden and Campbelltown Local Government Areas (LGAs) and will be jointly managed by both Councils. 

In June 2019, Camden Council awarded the contract for the Concept Design to civil engineering consultancy, Cardno. Since then, design works have progressed with the second stage of the Concept Design (80% design) nearing completion. Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council will be seeking feedback from the community regarding the design.

Ex Raby Rd and Gledswood Hill Drive intersection looking north

The current intersection of Raby Road and Gledswood Hills Drive. This intersection will be upgraded with traffic lights and will be relocated about 120m to the south.

Latest News

December 2020 – Have your say – Community information session

Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council are seeking community feedback on the proposed Raby Road Upgrade.

An online information session was scheduled for 8 December, however, due to a very limited response of registrations, the session will be postponed to a later date. You can still ask any questions or provide feedback by email to majorprojects@camden.nsw.gov.au or by phoning us on 4654 7777.

Community members who are unable to attend the event will have the opportunity to view the recorded meeting and provide feedback for about two weeks following the information session.

Existing Raby Road north of McArthur Grange Golf Club

Raby Road, just north of the Macarthur Grange Country Club. A u-turn facility is proposed at this location to support the removal of right turn to exit the Golf Club driveway.

November 2020 – Completion of stage two concept design (80% design)

In the coming weeks, the second stage of the concept design (80% design) will be completed. Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council will soon be seeking feedback from the community about the design.

March 2020 – Completion of stage one concept design (50% design)

The first stage of the concept design was completed in March 2020. Stage one, progressed design elements to about 50 per cent detail to allow Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council to make decisions on the preferred route of the road upgrade and other design elements. Community members should note, the 50% design has been progressed to 80% design. Elements of the design may have changed since the 50% design plans were published.

Raby Road and Thunderbolt Drive intersection

A roundabout at the intersections of Raby Road and Thunderbolt Drive in Raby. The roundabout is proposed to be replaced with new traffic lights.


Project background

The design for an upgrade of Raby Road between Emerald Hills Boulevard and Thunderbolt Drive is progressing. The upgrade aims to improve safety and traffic flow and to ensure the road supports future population growth in the area.

Raby Road is a key east-west link between Camden and Campbelltown Local Government Areas (LGAs). The areas around the Raby Road corridor will experience substantial growth over the next few years with the Camden LGA which is expected to triple its population over 25 years.

Following the successful securing of funding from the NSW Government, Council has progressed a strategic concept design for Raby Road which is nearing completion. The design is being undertaken in collaboration with the Campbelltown City Council and NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

Working closely with both Councils, Cardno has progressed the design through the 50% concept design (completed in March 2020) and 80% concept design (completed in November 2020).

The design considers the constraints of the existing Raby Road corridor including:

  • Steep grades of the existing road.
  • The existing horizontal geometry of the road and how improvements can be made.
  • The crest of Raby Road just south of the Macarthur Grange Country Club entry.
  • Sight distances for cars and pedestrians along the upgrade route and at key intersections.
  • The current bridge over the Water NSW Canal, just south of Emerald Hills Boulevard.
  • Existing underground and overhead utilities such as a major gas pipelines and overhead electrical wires.
  • Private property accesses and an approved subdivision along the corridor.

These elements were taking into consideration when progressing the design. Cardno has worked with both Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council to ensure suitable options for the design of the upgrade have been considered.

The project

The proposed project will upgrade Raby Road from a two-lane rural road to a four-lane road with a landscaped median, from the southern extent of the Emerald Hills Estate to the Thunderbolt Drive/Raby Road roundabout (about 2.5 kilometres). The upgraded road will have an unchanged speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour.

The upgrade design includes:

  • Upgrading the intersection of Raby Road and Gledswood Hills Drive to a signalised intersection.
  • Replacing the current roundabout at the intersection of Raby Road and Thunderbolt Drive to a signalised intersection.
  • Providing a 2.5-metre-wide shared path for cyclists and pedestrians on the northern side of Raby Road for the length of the upgrade and the southern side of Raby Road from Emerald Hills Boulevard to Gledswood Hills Drive.
  • Improvements to the intersection of Gledswood Hills Drive and Raby Road by realigning a small section of road and constructing a new roundabout on Gledswood Hills Drive to improve safety and property access.
  • Provision of dedicated right-turn lanes on Raby Road to access Macarthur Grange Country Club, Gledswood Hills Drive and a future subdivision at 121 Raby Road.
  • Replacing the bridge over the Water NSW canal south of Emerald Hills Boulevard and constructing twin bridges to provide the additional lanes on Raby Road (two-lanes upgraded to four-lanes).
  • Landscaping on both sides of the road and in the new median.
  • Upgrades and changes to some property driveways and accesses along the upgrade section of Raby Road. Driveways are proposed to be realigned to connect to the upgrade Raby Road or a side street. Key property access changes proposed in the design include:
    • Macarthur Grange Country Club – Restricting right turning movements out of the Golf Club driveway onto Raby Road to improve safety. Subject to approval, a dedicated u-turn facility would be built just north of the club access to allow golf club patrons wanting to travel south (towards Thunderbolt Drive) to do so.
    • Providing access to the Sydney Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses carpark via the new roundabout on Gledswood Hill Drive. The existing access onto Raby Road would be permanently closed. Access to the Administration Building would be maintained onto Raby Road as left-in and left-out access.
    • No right turn from the future 30-lot subdivision at 121 Raby Road to ensure safety in this area.
    • The Maronite Church is proposed to have, left-in and left-out access on Raby Road.

Private property accesses are also proposed to be realigned, Council will liaise with affected property owners directly.

Some private property acquisition may be required in both Council areas (Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council) to facilitate the upgrade of Raby Road. Councils will liaise directly with affected property owners where land acquisition is required.

Project objectives

The objectives of the Raby Road widening project are to:

  • Provide the concept design for the upgrade of Raby Road from a two-lane rural road to and four-lane road with landscaped median with a speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour;
  • Develop a concept design of road infrastructure that will cater for the future traffic demand and support local economic growth within both Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council Local Government Areas;
  • Reduce travel times between Raby and Leppington;
  • Improve overall road safety through improvements to the road geometry and intersections;
  • Provide a 2.5 metre shared path for pedestrian and cyclists to improve safety; and
  • Improve the capacity and safety of key intersection including the Raby Road and Gledswood Hill Drive intersection and the Raby Road and Thunderbolt Drive intersection.

Project benefits

Raby Road is a key east-west link between the Camden and Campbelltown Local Government Areas (LGAs). The Raby Road upgrade will be undertaken as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan. The areas around the project corridor will experience significant growth over the next few years. Parts of the Camden and Campbelltown LGAs are undergoing major urban development as part of the South West Priority Growth Area sponsored by NSW DPIE. The Raby Road upgrade is required to improve safety, increase road capacity and to cater for expected future traffic growth. The road upgrade will also provide a significant connection to the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport which is currently under construction.

The widening of Raby Road will have ongoing benefits in the area including:

  • Improved travel reliability;
  • Easing congestion on Raby Road and the surrounding road network;
  • Increased network capacity;
  • Supporting population growth in South West Growth Area;
  • Improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists by providing new active transport infrastructure; and
  • Delivering road safety benefits.

Have your say

You can email the Project Team at majorprojects@camden.nsw.gov.au to have your say and provide feedback on the concept design. A copy of the long plot design drawing is attached in the project documents section below for your reference.

Next steps

Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council will soon be seeking feedback from the community on the 80% concept design. The Councils will consider the feedback received and incorporate into the design where possible and appropriate. Some feedback may also be addressed at later stages of the design, noting the detailed design phase is expected to commence in 2021. Council is liaising directly with property owners regarding any land acquisition or property access changes required.

In early 2021, Cardno will progress the 80% concept design to finalise the 100% concept. They will also complete a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to support the approval and ongoing progress of the upgrade.

In 2021, Council will put the detailed design of the upgrade out for tender. Once a design consultant has been appointed, the design of the upgrade will progress. Following the detailed design phase, a Final Business Case will be put forward to the NSW Government for approval and to secure funding for the construction of the upgrade.

More information

  • Phone Camden Council on (02) 4654 7777

  • Email the Project Team at majorprojects@camden.nsw.gov.au

  • Write to:
    Raby Road Upgrade
    Major Projects Team
    Community Assets Division
    Camden Council
    PO Box 183
    CAMDEN NSW 2570

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