Assessment of Applicant

Eligible applicants will be prioritised according to the following assessment criteria:

  • An event which encompasses the community of the whole of the Camden LGA;
  • Local general community event (suburb based - a community event held in a particular suburb with the aim of bringing together the whole of the community of that suburb and opportunity for beyond);
  • Sporting events of State or National significance held within the Camden LGA


In assessing applications, the Committee will also consider the following criteria:

  • The event's social and economic benefit to the community;
  • Amount of funding being sourced;
  • Anticipated level of appeal to the general wider community;
  • The expected outcomes of the event;
  • Demonstrated need for funding;
  • Demonstrated financial capacity and responsibility of applicant;
  • Availability of other funding sources, and appropriateness of the event; and the
  • Level or recognition that Council will receive in response to any sponsorship provided.

In order to maximise community participation in sponsored events, applicants are encouraged to make attendance of their event free to the general public. All sponsorship will be considered on a one-off basis and no guarantee is made for future sponsorship beyond the term described in the Sponsorship Agreement.

Note: A previous sponsorship does not indicate a commitment to future sponsorship by Council.
All applications will be ranked, Low, Medium, High as a basis for consideration by Council.


Applicant has not:

  • Fulfilled previous conditions of Sponsorship Agreement (if applicable);
  • Is a risk to Council;
  • Has received funding via other Financial Assistance Policy programs apart from the Community Sponsorship Program;
  • Has a conflict of interest; or is a
  • political/fete activity.


Application is within the guidelines however it is considered;

  • Alternative sources of funding are available
  • Application is not considered as high a priority as other applications;
  • Applications budget is outside the resources of this program; or
  • The event would not enhance Council's objectives and plans or provide an event of broad interest or benefit to the community.


Application meets the guidelines and is considered appropriate for Council to fund and will enhance Council's objectives and plans and provide a broad interest and benefit to the community.