Beat the Heat

This summer has been very hot so far. With more hot weather predicted, it is important to be prepared. Talk to your relatives, neighbours and friends. Have a heat plan in place to help protect you and your loved ones during the summer months. 

NSW Health has tips to help you prepare and stay healthy in the heat.

  • Understand your health. Your health can be affected during a heatwave, especially if you have a medical condition. Speak to your doctor and have a plan for heatwaves.
  • Know your medications. Many prescribed medications can make the risk of heat-related illness worse and most need to be stored below 25 degrees Celsius. Talk to your GP or pharmacist about correct storage termperature. 
  • Prepare your home. Check fridges, freezers, fans, and air-conditioners work properly and put together a small emergency kit in case of power failure. 
  • Keep track of weather. Regularly check the weather forecast to monitor heat. 
  • Have a heatwave preparation checklist. Consider who to call if you need help, know where to find your emergency kit and be prepared for bushfires.
  • Keep in touch. Think about friends and family who may need your help in the heat. Older people and babies and children zero-five years are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illness.

For more information, go to NSW Health