Paws in the Park - Design a Poster Competition

The Paws in the Park 'Design a Poster' Competition is now open! Submit your entry by Friday 26 April 2024. All you need to do is upload your poster and enter into one of the following categories:

  • 4-7 years Hand Drawn Category
  • 8-12 years Digital Category
  • 4-7 years Hand Drawn Category
  • 8-12 years Digital Category

Enter now to go in the running to win a prize. 


Fill in the details below and upload your entry.  


Parent/Guardian Permission


 I/We give permission for the entrant to enter the Mayor’s 2023 Christmas Card Competition, and in doing so understand that the winning design will be published in print form and will include the student’s name, year and school.

 This may include the publishing of photographs in various local outlets, such as newspapers, ‘Let’s Connect’ newsletter, Council’s website and social media pages.

I agree to ensure that the terms and conditions of the competition are abided by and that by permitting the student to enter the competition I will indemnify Camden Council from any liability or legal action that may arise from the child’s activities connected with the competition as set out in the terms and conditions