Casual Hall Hire

Council offers a wide range of community facilities that will meet your needs for your upcoming bookings and events.

Please see below information that may support your casual hire enquiry:

  • Casual hire - any booking that does not meet the definition of regular hire (up to and including 9 bookings in a calendar year).
  • Peak time - bookings made on Saturday and Sunday including public holidays unless otherwise stated. 
  • Non-peak time - bookings made from Monday to Friday inclusive.  
  • Community rate - individuals and Not for Profit (NFP) entities conducting private functions and/or non-commercial activities. To be eligible for community/NFP fees, you must provide a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation or a ruling from the Australian Taxation Office that your group is classified as NFP.
  • Commercial rate - applicable to all hirers that do not meet the criteria for community rate. 
  • Fees and charges

Council has introduced a new sportsground and facility booking software "Bookable". Customers can now compare, select, book and pay for venues instantly, without ever having to leave home. 

For availabilities, terms and conditions of hire, facility specific requirements and bookings visit Bookable.

Council’s Customer Relations team are available to assist you with your hire enquiry about facility availability, or for advice on which facility may suit your needs. Contact the team on 13 CAMDEN (13 226 336) or email for more information.