Birriwa Reserve is located at 1 Birriwa Circuit, Mount Annan and features one full-size field, one turf cricket pitch and six cricket nets.

Sportsground Amenities

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday 8am – 10pm


View the fees and charges here. 

For availabilities, terms and conditions of hire, facility specific requirements and bookings visit Bookable.

Passive Park Amenities

Birriwa Reserve Youth Space features parking, a fitness station, cycleway/walkway path, BBQ, covered picnic area and a playground.

Passive parks are provided on a non-exclusive basis and are not a bookable space.

There is a notification form for any customers that wish to have a jumping castle at a passive park. Please note that no jumping castles are permitted on Council's sports grounds, this form is for passive parks only. Please complete online form.