Time to check in on R U OK? Day

Posted 12 months ago


Mayor of Camden, Cr Theresa Fedeli, is calling on residents to check in on their family and friends as we celebrate R U OK? Day tomorrow.

Cr Fedeli said it was important to start a conversation this R U OK? Day, particularly while living through a worldwide pandemic.

“This day is all about meaningfully connecting with those around us and starting a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life,” Cr Fedeli said.

“Simply asking how someone is feeling, listening to them and encouraging action can have a significant impact on their emotional health and wellbeing.

“This year has been a challenge for many of us. We started the year with damaging bushfires, then many of our residents were affected by the flooding and now we find ourselves in the most unprecedented situation of all with COVID-19.

“Remember, we are all in this together. All it takes is quick conversation and check in to let our loved ones know we are here for them.”

Mental health and wellbeing continues to be a key focus for Camden Council. Council has 26 waste trucks as part of its fleet and each of them have been wrapped with messages to raise awareness of important mental and physical health issues relevant to residents across the Camden area. Four of these are R U OK? messages to raise awareness around suicide prevention.

Council’s downloadable ‘Hey Neighbour’ cards are still available for residents to offer their help and support to their neighbours. The cards include a message with space for your details on the back.

For more information on Council’s ‘Hey Neighbour’ initiative, go to camden.nsw.gov.au and search ‘Hey Neighbour’.


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