Camden Town Farm was originally a 52 hectare dairy farm that was bequeathed to the local community by the late Miss Llewella Davies with the proviso that the land be kept as open space for the town to enjoy.

It is a unique green space on the flood plain surrounding Camden that is now owned by Camden Council and managed by a Council Community Committee made up of dedicated local community volunteers. Camden Town farm remains a working farm, grazing dairy and beef cattle and growing lucerne.

The original slab hut and surrounding building are very popular with artists and photographers alike, particularly for wedding and promotional photos. Bookings are essential for events, weddings and photography. 

Parts of Camden Town Farm are open to the public every day during daylight hours when no events are being held or closed for farm operational purposes. The public area has public toilets and bins are provided for any general litter. To access the public area you can enter via the main gate on Exeter St and enjoy the open grass parkland, admire the historic farm buildings including the restored barn, charming milking parlour & other outbuildings. Take in the views across the lagoon to the proud windmill and vistas beyond to the Nepean River & Blue Mountains.

Visitors can also pop into the adjoining Camden Community Gardens (just don't pick anything without permission) or buy local produce at Camden Produce Markets every Saturday 7am - 12pm.

Miss Llewella Davies Pioneers Walkway opened in 2019 and is approximately 2.4 kilometres of walking path throughout the Camden Town Farm. It covers riparian zones, pastoral, grazing and cropping paddocks, offers fantastic views of St Johns Church, the Chinese Washing Wells, the Nepean River and Macquarie House.

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