The Camden R.S.L Community Memorial Walkway is designed to mirror Camden’s well recognised community commitment to developing and maintaining its historic “working country town” character.

The walkway (8.8 km's in total length) meanders for about 5.3 kilometres through the Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park, and includes 4 picnic areas, recreational precincts with views of the park and the surrounding rural and urban areas.

It then moves through the adjoining Camden Town via Onslow Park, Exeter St, Edward St, Argyle St, Hill St, Broughton St, John St, Memorial Park/ Civic Centre, Oxley St, the Showground and Cawdor Road for a further 2.8 kilometres, passing by a variety of historic, cultural and commercial precincts.

The walkway is approximately 5 miles as this is the distance from the beach front to the escarpment at Gallipoli in Turkey. The Walkway starts and finishes at the Native Garden Memorial opposite the R.S.L Club off Cawdor Road, but the walkway is so designed that you can use all or part of it and enter at any point. The memorial garden is used to stage commemorative services, i.e. Anzac Day, Remembrance Day etc and is a central point for educational activities.

The walkway is a great asset to Camden and suitable for walkers, joggers, prams & strollers, cyclists & furry family members.

Click here for a map of the walkway. 


Contact Details

0438 467 871
Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park, Cawdor Rd, Camden