Waterway Education

Waterways Education

Education and engagement are powerful tools to help build empowered communities. Council’s Sustainability Strategy aims to build sustainable communities through an action to develop community awareness on the importance of water quality.

Nepean River, Our River

Camden Council has developed the ‘Nepean River, Our River’ video series in partnership with Penrith City Council.

This video series explores the history and use of the Nepean River, what both Councils are doing to improve water quality and how you too can help limit your impact on our waterways.

Healthy Waterways

Ever wondered where the Nepean River starts and ends? Or what influences the health and condition of the Nepean River?

The first video in the Nepean River, Our River series showcases the Nepean River, the importance of riparian vegetation, and the volunteers that help protect the health of the River.


Water Quality Monitoring

Council monitors the water quality of the Nepean River to assess whether or not it is suitable for the environment or for recreational use.

The second video in the Nepean River, Our River series runs through the importance of water quality, what Council monitors for, including water bugs, and how these parameters affect the River.



Water Sensitive Urban Design

The health of the Nepean River begins in the urban landscape. Council has adopted Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) to treat stormwater before it enters our waterways. This includes raingardens, bioswales, Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs), and much more.

Check out the third video of the Nepean River, Our River series to see what these look like and how they work.


Be the Solution to Stormwater Pollution

Did you know that water that runs off our driveways, roads, roofs, car parks, footpaths and gardens travels via our stormwater system to our local creeks and waterways?

By working together and pledging to small changes in our everyday lives, we can improve the quality of water that ends up in our beautiful waterways. You can show your support and pledge to make a difference by taking the Be the Solution to Stormwater Pollution pledge.

Waterway Walks

The Camden community values the physical and visual connections to waterways and green spaces.

To support these places, activities and the health of the Camden community, Council has developed self-guided Waterway Walks at:

  1. Kolombo Creek, Oran Park,
  2. Narellan Creek, Harrington Park; and
  3. Narellan Creek, Mount Annan.

The guides provide information about the natural and constructed features that help keep our creeks clean and healthy. The guides let you not only learn about these features, but also see them as you complete the easy walk around the creeks. All walks are wheelchair, pram and stroller friendly with points of interest captured in easy to find signage along the way. You can also download our Waterway Walk Bingo cards to make the walk an even more engaging experience for you and your family.