Participation Opportunities

Our vision for Camden is to become a community of people who feel a strong sense of belonging and connection to our place and others. Camden is a community that enjoys celebration of our local culture and heritage through events, both large and small. These make our place vibrant and interesting, and we enjoy the richness that diversity brings to our community.

Our lives are enriched through a diverse array of opportunities, through arts and cultural programs, local libraries, access to information, recreation and sporting pursuits, parks and open spaces. People in the Camden community are enriched because they connect with other people in our community through a range of organisations, participation opportunities, places and groups.

There are a number of participation opportunities that exist within Camden Council and many ways for you to become involved in our local community. These include:

For further information about any of the above opportunities please click on the above links or contact Camden Council's Coordinator of the Community Cultural Planning and Development, on 4645 5084 or via email.