Camden Council Garden Competition Application Form

Proud gardeners and passionate green thumbs are invited to enter the 2019 Camden Garden Competition. To be eligible to enter you must live in the Camden Local Government Area.

Whether you’re an amateur who loves to potter or a seasoned garden expert you could win!

Entries close Monday 30 September 2019.


Senior Citizen Garden
Open to anyone 60 years or over.

Small Residential
For small private residential gardens.

Large Residential
For large private residential gardens.

Veggie Garden/Plot
For residents who have an edible garden or plot of fruit, vegetables and/or herbs.

Best Floral Display
A showcase of colours and vibrancy.

School/Class Plot
Local pre-school, primary and high schools garden or plot maintained by students.

Professionally Maintained Garden
For residential gardens that are professionally maintained.

Most Creative Garden
Residential garden displaying creative use of plants with consideration for colour, shapes, textures, materials and garden features.

Most Sustainable Garden
Residential garden demonstrating sustainability principles such as water saving, reuse of materials, natural pest control, herb and vegetable growing.

Best Lawn
Residential most well maintained lawn

Commercial Garden
Gardens within local businesses and organisations, e.g. retirement villages, small & large commercial premises etc.

Judging Criteria

Overall Garden Layout
Design and placement of garden features, practicality and

Plant Selection
Variety, features, quality, suitability, covering / screenings.

Hard Landscaping
Materials used around garden, paths and definition
edging, constructed features eg. Pergolas

Soil, mulching, free from pests / diseases, correct pruning
/ debudding, plant shaping and health, weeding and good
horticultural practices.



Conditions of Entry

  • All gardens must be located within the Camden Local Government Area.
  • You may enter more than one category, however the judges reserve the right to change the category on an entry at their discretion.
  • The judges decision is final.
  • The previous Grand Champion Winner is not eligible to enter in their winning category from the previous years.
  • By agreeing to and submitting an entry form you give Camden Council permission for photos of your garden to be taken and used for promotional materials.