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Will roads be closed?
Will footpaths be closed?
Will public transport be affected?
Do you intend on putting up signs?
Is parking provided?
Will parking be provided? (By RFS, SES, etc)
Have you had Traffic Management Plans drawn up?
Are there sufficient garbage bins on site?
Will you have rides/amusements?
Will tents, marquees, stages or other structures be erected?
Will anyone be selling/providing food?
Please specify where the food van/stall will be located
Will anyone be selling/providing alcohol?
Are you using a venue where there will be existing toilets?
Will you be bringing in portable toilets?
Do you require power?
Do you require lighting?
Will there be livestock or animals?
Are you planning on inviting Council VIP's or delegates?
Do you hold public liability insurance?
Would you like your event on Council's website? (one-off event only)

Someone will be in contact with you within the next few days. Depending on the information you have supplied you may be required to submit further forms, order extra waste facilities, hire security, pay a bond or think about other factors of event organisation.

But don't worry - Council's Events Officer, will take you through everything step by step.

If you're having trouble filling out this form, call 4645 5690.