BMX Open Hour

Macarthur BMX Club is hosting an Open Hour at the Kirkham Park BMX Facility. Come along and check it out!

Here is some safety information from Macarthur BMX Club:

Minimum safety gear

  • Helmet, preferably full faced Australian standard.
  • Fully enclosed shoes and socks.
  • Preferably long sleeve shirt and pants.
  • Preferably wearing gloves
  • No singlets.

Bike requirements

  • No pegs
  • No training wheels
  • Working brakes
  • No skateboards
  • No scooters
  • No remote control cars
  • No motorised bikes
  • No other unsafe items noted by the Macarthur BMX Club representative

Track Use

  • Follow all instructions of the Macarthur BMX Club representative
  • Correct race direction on the track to be followed at all times
  • No stopping on track or in unsafe areas
  • No use of the 5m start hill
  • Pro straight will not be used unless the rider is deemed competent or at the discretion of the Macarthur BMX club representative

Please note these will be public sessions and no Macarthur BMX coaches or committee will be present.



BMX Open Hour