COVID Safe Event Guidelines

COVID-19 has required fresh thinking and increased safety precautions when hosting events.

As restrictions ease, allowing for public gatherings to take place, Council will be consistently monitoring the situation and following regulations and advice provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and the NSW Government.

Safework Principals

In accordance with the National Cabinet’s National COVID-19 Safe Workplace Principles, Safe Work Australia has developed nationally consistent work health and safety guidance.

Council has further implemented these national principles to ensure we can continue to deliver events in a safe environment.

The following guidelines will assist Council staff, contractors, suppliers and vendors in ensuring that all events and activities implement safe practices to avoid the potential spread of COVID-19 and implement procedures if an unwell person attends an event.

Plan Your Trip

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When attending a Council-run event, attendees are asked to check the
event pages for information on arrival and measures that will be in place. Attendees will be advised to plan their trip allowing ample travel time as increased safety measures may impact your journey. It will be noted for all events that residents feeling unwell are asked not to attend.


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To ensure COVID-19 measures are adhered to entry to parking areas will be managed by staff and/or volunteers and attendees will need to follow all instructions on arrival.

Patrons may be asked to undergo a temperature check upon entry if the parking attendant/security believes they may be unwell.

Venue Capacity

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The current Australian Government physical distancing guidelines specify a ratio of four square metres per person and 1.5 metres of physical distance is required. Capacities will be monitored to comply with government regulations through check in apps and people counting facilities. Event safe floor plans based on these capacities will be created for each event.

Contactless Communication

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All vendors and suppliers at events will be required to have contactless payment options to avoid cash handling. This will be communicated to attendees as part of the promotion of the event.

For ticketed events attendees will need to keep reference on their booking on their phone or device to be presented on entry to car park or event space. No paper will be transferred between attendees and staff.

If identification needs to be presented, attendees will also need to have it ready to display through the Service NSW app on arrival.

Event Protocols

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Council has reviewed existing event procedures and has introduced “COVID Safe” operating protocols including additional safety measures, signage, venue capacities, public health and food and beverage safety.

Council will continue to closely monitor and adhere to the regulations and advice provided by the Australian Government, Department of Health and NSW Government.

A COVID-19 Safety Plan using the NSW Government template will be developed for each event.

Updates and latest information on upcoming events will be available on on our Whats On Pages.

Food Service

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In line with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) advice there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through the consumption of food or beverages, or through contact with food packaging materials.

The FSANZ Food Standards Code requires food businesses to take all practicable steps to prevent contamination of food production and service areas.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers will be in attendance for the set up and duration of Council run events to ensure that all vendors comply with food safety standards AND implement extra measures to reduce the risk of contamination or spread of disease.

Medical Services

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To uphold the highest health and safety standards, Council will engage an appropriately resourced and qualified on-site medical team to manage COVID relate medical issues, incidents and response at all events. This team will be responsible for implementing the NSW COVID-19 Health Response plan.

At each event there will be a number of dedicated medical rooms (number of rooms will vary depending on the size of the event space and attendees), as well as dedicated isolation rooms.


  • Specific escalation protocol for non-admission to venue;
  • Specific emergency protocols for a COVID-19 incident requiring emergency services;
  • Infection control and hygiene education for all team members;
  • Public health education and awareness on-site focusing on the 
    COVIDSafe app, physical distancing, hand hygiene and cough etiquette;
  • Communication and involvement with NSW Ambulance Service Zone Managers and the NSW Ministry of Health Public Health Unit; and
  • Dedicated isolation rooms within event space, for use of those persons exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms while awaiting emergency response agencies.
The medical team will be supported by Council staff and security to ensure any incidents are managed accordingly.


Signage Icon2

Signage will be used at every event to support health and safety messaging in accordance with NSW Government and Department of Health Guidelines.
Signage at the event will include;

  • Terms and conditions of entry;
  • COVID-19 safe messaging;
  • Wayfinding signage;
  • Public health messaging;
    1. Physical distancing measures;
    2. Public health and hygiene measures;
  • Entry and Exit points;
  • Physical distancing signage; and
  • Event capacity signage.

Environmental Hygiene

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To ensure that existing high standards of cleanliness and hygiene protocols at events are increased, Council has introduced additional measures for events including;

  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting processes,
  • Hand washing and sanitising stations,
  • Safe queuing and operational planning for toilet facilities,
  • Capacity restrictions in toilets,
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting in high volume areas,
  • Pre-event, during and post event cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and
  • Government distributed advisory signage on hygiene practices.

Additional Safety Measures

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To ensure that all Council run events follow the COVID Safe Event Guidelines the following will take place;

  • Additional security personnel;
  • Additional cleaners and presentation services personnel;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Additional digital and physical signage;
  • Hand held temperature reading devices;
  • Hand sanitisation stations;
  • Additional stallholder/vendor support;
  • COVID-19 Safety Officer at every event;
  • Contactless payment for all vendors; and
  • Additional staff available to ensure that all aspects of event are run in accordance with these guidelines.


Training Icon2

E-learning programs will need to be completed by anyone working at Council run events.

Camden Council staff and volunteers:

  • Ongoing COVID-19 safe training; and
  • Camden Council COVID-19 safe event induction.

All Contractors, suppliers and vendors working at the event:

  • NSW Government COVID-19 infection control training; and
  • Camden Council COVID-19 safe event induction.

Staff, suppliers, contractors and vendors will be required to provide evidence of training undertaken prior to each event.