Camden Festival Sponsorship Application

Become a sponsor and connect with our local Camden community

Looking for the opportunity to become a part of Camden’s biggest event of the year?
Want to put your company name in front of thousands of event participants and show your dedication to the local community?

Camden Festival celebrates spring in Camden with a full program of events held at a variety of lcoations. Click here to view the Camden Festival program.

There are a number of packages available to become an overall sponsor of the Camden Festival program or sponsor a specific event within the program. Then consider an event sponsorship and choose a package that is best for your business.

Sponsorship Packages


Before you proceed, please be advised Council will not accept sponsorship from organisations or parties who:

  • Have a DA for consideration at the time of sponsorship;
  • Provide services or businesses carried out by staff members of Council;
  • Are Council volunteers or Council Committees;
  • Are involved in any current planning, regulatory, or legal matter involving Council, or if it is reasonably known that such matters are likely to arise in the foreseeable future;
  • Are involved in, or associated with, products or services related to tobacco, gambling, pornography, armaments or exploitation of labour;
  • Are involved in alcohol products or services when the sponsorship is related to children, youth or sport or;
  • Otherwise perceived to be of a nature that is inconsistent with Council’s values, policies, Community Strategic Plan, or may adversely affect Council’s public image or reputation, as determined by the General Manger or delegate.

Becoming a sponsor of one or more events will enhance your business’s connection to Camden’s growing community, residents and visitors.

Please fill in the following details to confirm you wish to become a sponsor of the 2019 Camden Festival. For further information contact Council's Events team on 4645 5690 or

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Sponsorship Packages

Platinum sponsors may select to receive naming rights to one event on the Camden Festival calendar. Please select which event you would like to receive naming rights to

Type of sponsorship

If you have selected both monetary and in-kind please describe what you wish to provide

Invoice Details

By clicking submit you agree to become a sponsor of the 2019 Camden Festival. A contract will be sent to you to sign and return to Council along with an invoice to the amount you have selected.