Garage Sale Trail

Australia's festival of pre-loved stuff! Let's get circular and choose to reuse!

Garage Sale Trail logo 61257436e1779Garage Sale Trail is Australia's festival of pre-loved stuff, dedicated to helping you extend the life of your stuff and find the ultimate pre-loved gem.

Camden joins Campbelltown and Wollondilly Councils again for Macarthur’s Biggest Garage Sale where you can sell, shop and learn on the Garage Sale Trail:


  • Trail Tutorial online workshops - 28 - 29 October (Learn)
  • Two weekends of garage sales - 11 - 12 and 18 - 19 November (Sell | Shop)  


Attend one or all of the FREE online 'Fashion, flipping & friendship' Trail Tutorials – Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 October

You don't even need to have a garage sale to get involved in this year's festival of pre-loved stuff.

Whether you want to learn how to repurpose fashion items, flip unwanted furniture or pick up some tips on incorporating circular economy principles into your everyday life, check out the Trail Tutorials and they’re all FREE!


Saturday 28 October, 12pm AEDT

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Meet four experts, 2 Aussie ThriftersJane Crowley and Jacob Miller, who know what it takes to convert secondhand finds into major cash. From in-person to online sales, they’ll share tips for the most eager first-timers and seasoned side hustlers.

You’ll learn how to set up, select, merchandise and price your goods for success and get the real down low on selling pre-owned.



Saturday 28 October, 3pm AEDT

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Join style gurus Joanne Gambale and Ali Dibley as they help ABC’s Veronica Milsom solve her biggest fashion woes. From finding a style mojo with signature finds to removing pesky marks and stains from well-loved pieces, let’s get the down low from those in the know.  

A perfect watch for the fashionably minded to the ensembly-challenged. Only good stuff ensues when these three get together and you’ll get a front-row seat on how to repair, re-love and reinvent a responsible wardrobe

Dress on dress stand 


Sunday 29 October, 3pm AEDT

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Can we really shape a better world by getting to know the people in our community and what do we learn when we try? 

Join TV presenter and R U OK? Ambassador Barry du Bois and chaotic socialite and community builder, Chrissy Flanagan as they explain the amazing benefits of building relationships at garage sales and beyond. 

You’ll be inspired by their fascinating stories and come away with tips on how to find connection, kindness and joy in whatever place it is you call home.

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Or check out the recordings from previous Trail Tutorials at Garage Sale Trail - YouTube such as the popular How to price your items for the Garage Sale TrailLearn How To DIY Your Wardrobe With DIY Daisy and How To Flip Furniture For Fun Or Profit With Kelly from Shiner Creative Workshops.

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Host a garage sale at home, school or with the local community or sports group - 11 - 12 and 18 - 19 November

It's FREE to take part and you get all the tips, support and promotional materials from the garage sale community via Facebook support groups to help you sell big! Sellers with a PayPal account can accept touch-free payments using PayPal QR codes without needing to exchange cash or payment information.

Every seller gets a sale page that provides what’s on offer and anything else that’s going down. Setting up your Garage Sale Trail listing takes less than five minutes. It's free and anyone can do it, whether you’re a household, community group, a whole street, school or even a local business. Register your sale.

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Check out garage sales in your community - 11 - 12 and 18 - 19 November

Be part of the circular economy and buy pre-loved! Not only does it extend the life of an otherwise unwanted item, also diverts it away from landfill! It’s kinder on your pocket too.

From vintage frocks to mid-century furniture, retro tech, kids’ stuff and everything in between, there’s literally something for everyone!

You can search for sales, or items you are after to create a Trail of favourites to visit!