Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of waste onto land and is a highly visible problem in the Camden LGA. This can cause harm to the environment and human health and is a burden for the entire community and Council.

You can report an illegal dumping incident by:

Report Illegal dumping online image


Illegal landfilling

Illegal landfilling is a form of illegal dumping. Some fill may be contaminated, which can harm your family's health, permanently devalue your property and leave you with substantial clean-up costs. You may also face on-the-spot fines or prosecution. Certified fill may also require development approval.

By following these simple steps, you can minimise the risks and avoid dangers of accepting fill on your property:

  • Check if filling is permitted and what Council approvals are required
  • Check the credentials of anyone who offers you free or cheap fill
  • Never accept fill from unknown sources
  • Ask the supplier to prove that the fill isn't contaminated – Gain Clearance and test certificates
  • Supervise and inspect all loads of incoming fill
  • Record details of all transporters bringing fill onto your property
  • Keep copies of all documents and records
  • Ensure sediment and erosion control devices are in place and maintained until the fill is stabilised

For further information on how to safely accept fill on your land visit the NSW EPA site.


Hazardous Waste

The correct and safe disposal of hazardous waste is an important part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Identification of hazardous materials and being proactive when it comes to disposing of these materials, will ensure your safety and the safety of others.



Asbestos fibres are hazardous when inhaled. They can be released into the air when asbestos products are incorrectly handled, sorted or transported for disposal.

It is important to ensure asbestos waste has been wet down and sealed in heavy-duty plastic prior to transportation to a lawful waste facility. For more information on asbestos waste disposal see the asbestos fact sheet.

For a full list of licensed facilities accepting asbestos within your region please go to

The closest waste facilities that accepts this type of material are:

Company Name Address Phone
Elizabeth Drive Landfill Kemps Creek 1725 Elizabeth Drive KEMPS CREEK NSW 2178 1300 651 116
Genesis Xero Waste - Landfill and Recycling Honeycomb Drive EASTERN CREEK (off Wonderland Drive) NSW 2766 (02) 9832 3333
Horsley Park Waste Management Facility 716-56 Wallgrove Road HORSLEY PARK NSW 2175 (02) 9620 1944
Lucas Heights Waste and Recycling Centre New Illawarra Road LUCAS HEIGHTS NSW 2234 1300 651 116
Wetherill Park Resource Recovery Facility 20 Davis Road WETHERILL PARK NSW 2164 1300 651 116

The Spring Farm Waste Disposal Facility no longer accepts asbestos for disposal.

It is important to contact the waste facility prior to taking asbestos to the facility to confirm if they are still able to accept the material and any requirements for transporting and delivering the material to site. You may need to book in 24 hours in advance at all facilities that accept asbestos for disposal. It is also important to check with the waste facility as the requirements around vehicle’s and offloading may vary (some sites are hand unload only whilst others are tipping only).

Information on safe removal practices for asbestos is available at:


Battery Recycling Program

 Battery Recycling Monster

Australians use thousands of tonnes of batteries every year, most of which end up in landfill. This is a problem because a wide range of battery types contain toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead, and over time the chemicals in these batteries can be toxic to the environment. Other battery types contain valuable materials like magnesium and zinc which can be recycled for future use.

To help combat this, the MACROC councils are implementing a battery recycling program to assist residents with an environmentally friendly way to dispose of their domestic household batteries.

Any brand AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries (both rechargeable and non-rechargeable) are accepted, simply drop your used batteries (removing any packaging) into the dedicated bins and you're done!

Drop off locations:

  •  Camden Council Office - 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park
  • Camden Library - 40 John Street, Camden
  • Narellan Library - Cnr Queen and Elyard Streets, Narellan
  • Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living - 1 Mount Annan Drive, Mount Annan
  • Campbelltown City Council Civic Centre - Cnr Queen and Broughton Streets, Campbelltown
  • Wollondilly Shire Council Civic Centre - 62-64 Menangle Street, Picton

 For more information download the brochure on 'What Goes in the White Bin'


The Household Chemical CleanOut event is hosted once annually by Camden Council and is a chance for local residents to dispose of household chemicals in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Visit the CleanOut website and find the next collection date or phone the Environment Line on 131 555 for details.

Throughout the year Camden Council residents can dispose of some materials such as paint, car batteries, motor oils, polystyrene, cardboard and gas bottles at one or more of these sites:

  • Spring Farm Resource Recovery Park, 275 Richardson Road, Spring Farm NSW 2570.For further  information in relation to trading hours and accepted items call 1300 651 116 or visit the Suez website.
  • Liverpool Councils Community Recycling Centre, 99 Rose Street, Liverpool NSW 2170. For further information in relation to trading hours and accepted items call 1300 362 170 or visit the Liverpool Council's website.
  • Penrith Councils Community Recycling Centre, 96 Dunheved Circuit, St Marys NSW 2760. For further information in relation to trading hours and accepted items call 4732 7615 or visit the Penrith Council's website.


Syringe Disposal

Camden Council is committed to providing a safe community for our residents and a safe work environment for our staff. For the safe transportation of sharps to these chemists, syringes should be placed sharp-end down into a sealed sharps container or a strong rigid plastic container with the lid closed tightly. A sharps container is available for free from Council's Customer Relations Counter at our Oran Park Office located at 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park, NSW 2570.


  • Camden Pharmacy - 91 Argyle Street, Camden NSW 2570. Phone: 4655 8875
  • Sinclairs Day & Night - 122-130 Argyle Street, Camden NSW 2570. Phone: 4655 9275
  • Blooms The Chemist - 146-148 Argyle Street, Camden NSW 2570. Phone: 4655 9370

Harrington Park

  • Health & Savings Pharmacy - Shop 4 & 5, Harrington Plaza, Fairwater Drive, Harrington Park NSW 2567. Phone: 4648 1686


  • Leppington Pharmacy - Shop 3, 1469 Camden Valley Way, Leppington NSW 2179. Phone: 9606 6370.

Mount Annan

  • Pharmacy Express - Shop 25, Mt Annan Market Place, Main Street, Mount Annan NSW 2567. Phone: 4647 4820
  • In 2 Health Pharmacy - Shop 2, 240 Mt Annan Drive, Mount Annan NSW 2567. Phone: 4648 1818


  • Priceline Narellan Chemist - Shop 44, Narellan Town Centre, Narellan NSW 2567. Phone: 4647 1430

Oran Park

  • Terry White Chemist - Shop 4E & 7e Oran Park Shopping Centre, Corner of Oran Park Drive and Main Street, Oran Park NSW 2570. Phone: 4623 1224

If you see a syringe in a public area, please call Council's Customer Relations Team on 4654 7777 so that it can be safely removed.