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Rabbit Control Program

Rabbit Control Program Rabbits are cute and cuddly and make great pets, but unfortunately they are also one of Australia’s most destructive feral animals.Feral rabbit populations are known to occur...

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10/50 Clearing Bushfire Vegetation

10/50 Clearing Bushfire Vegetation The NSW Government has enacted new laws which help land owners to prepare their homes for bush fires in NSW.

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Forms A - Z

Forms A - Z Follow the link to download a PDF the form or to access an online form.AArrangement to Pay BBanner Application Form Barking Dog Nuisance Complaint Form Bond/Bank...

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Bandara Circuit Play Space

Bandara Circuit Play Space Construction of a new playground that balances interactive play spaces for young children with passive open space and picnic areas.SummaryProject Name: Bandara Circuit Play SpaceProject Address:...

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Saving Energy

Spend less on your energy bills without compromising on comfort, by making your home more energy efficient.

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Sedgwick Reserve Youth Play Space

Sedgwick Reserve Youth Play Space Expansion of the existing young children's playground to deliver a youth play space for all ages, incorporating a new focus are for 12-17 year olds.SummaryProject...

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Obtaining the Right Approvals

Obtaining the Right Approvals Once you have selected your site, you will now need to consider the right development pathway.What is the Right Pathway for my Proposal?Through your site selection...

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When is Development Consent not required?

Some minor works or activities, including maintenance can be undertaken without development consent. With some internal work you do not need to inform Council.

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Section 6 - Community Recreation Sustainability

Section 6 Community, Recreation and SustainabilityAll fees are inclusive of GST where applicableLibrary Fees & ChargesDescriptionTotal FeeGSTLibrary Fines First & second notice $3.50 N Third Notice $5.00 N Lost or...

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