Planning Proposals

Refer to the below for information on Planning Proposals:

What is a planning proposal?

A Planning Proposal is an application to amend planning controls in the Camden Local Environmental Plan (LEP) or State Environmental Planning Policy (Growth Centres).

A Planning Proposal could include the change in zoning on the site, the type of permitted land uses allowed to be undertaken or development standards applied to certain properties.

They can be initiated by Council or an applicant.

To assist with your application please refer to Council's Planning Proposal Policy.

Prior to preparing a Planning Proposal, it is recommended that you make an appointment with Council's Strategic Planning branch.

Planning Proposal (Rezoning) Pre-Lodgement Application should be submitted to Council as the first step.

On lodgement you will need to have a completed a Planning Proposal Application Form and Checklist.  

What is the process for considering a planning proposal?


A Planning Proposal has a number of steps in its consideration and approval and requires approvals from both Local Council and the State Government Planning body (Department of Planning).

A summary of the key steps is attached  or you can view the Department of Planning's document "A Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals".

How can the community have a say?

As part of the Planning Proposal process, Council is required to formally exhibit the Planning Proposal for a period of either 14 or 28 days as determined by the Gateway Approval.

In addition Council also provides an informal notification period before the Planning Proposal has been considered at a Council Meeting.

The Planning Proposal Notification Factsheet can assist with any questions.

What Planning Proposals are Council currently considering?

A list of Planning Proposals that have been endorsed by Council are included on the Department of Planning and Environment website.

Fees and Charges for a Planning Proposal

In accordance with the adopted fees and charges, a planning proposal must be accompanied with the required application fee. Refer to Council's Current Fees & Charges for further information.


Reclassification of Public land

A Reclassification of Public Land has a number of steps in its consideration and approval. A Factsheet and Flowchart is attached for your information.