Planning Controls (LEP, DCP and SWPGA)

LEP - Local Environment Plan

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the principal legal document for controlling development in a Local Government Area (LGA). Councils prepare LEPs to establish different zones that allow certain types of uses and standards that regulate what kind of development can happen.

Development in the Camden Local Government Area (LGA) is controlled by Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Camden LEP 2010)or the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (SEPP) if the land is located within the South West  Growth Area (SWGA).

Camden Local Environmental Plan (LEP) Review 2020

In March 2018, the State Government released the Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities, and the Western City District Plan, which includes the Camden LGA.

The District Plan is structured around the themes of:

  • Infrastructure and Collaboration;
  • Liveability;
  • Productivity; and
  • Sustainability

In accordance with the District Plan and changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act), all councils are required to review and update their LEPs and prepare Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPS).

The LSPS is a new requirement under the Act, setting out:

  • the 20-year vision for land use in the Camden LGA;
  • the special local characteristics which contribute to local identity;
  • shared community values to be maintained and enhanced; and
  • how growth and change will be managed into the future.

The LEP Review will be undertaken over the next two years. During this time, Council will be engaging with the community to develop the LSPS and to seek input into any proposed changes to the LEP.

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DCP- Development Control Plan

A Development Control Plan (DCP) is a detailed guideline that shows what controls apply to a particular type of development or in a particular area.

Land in Camden is subject to the Camden Development Control Plan 2011 (Camden DCP). Land within the South West Growth  Area is also subject to Growth Centre-specific DCPs that contain additional provisions.

Development under the LEP is also governed by the Development Control Plan.


SWGA - South West Growth Area

The SWGA  was established by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (SEPP).

Land within the SWGA will be released by the State Government to provide land for housing and to create new communities with access to jobs, parks, schools and services.

Land at Oran Park, Turner Road (Gledswood Hills and Gregory Hills), parts of Catherine Fields and Leppington have already been released by the State Government and are zoned under the SEPP.

The Camden Growth Areas Development Control Plan applies to all of the rezoned land in the SWPGA (except Oran Park and Turner Road) and includes site-specific appendices which apply to the Leppington, Leppington North, East Leppington and Catherine Fields (Part 1) precincts.

The Oran Park and Turner Road (Gledswood Hills and Gregory Hills) precincts are subject to their own specific DCPs.

Further information is available via the Department of Planning and Environment's website South West Growth Area .

South Creek West Release Area

On 24 November 2017, the South Creek West Release Area was released for rezoning to urban development. The area is approximately 1500 hectares in size and will potentially provide for 30,000 new homes. Further information is available via the Department of Planning and Environment’s website.