Local Strategic Planning Statement


As part of the Camden LEP Review, Council has developed a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS). The LSPS is a 20-year planning vision, emphasising land use, transport and sustainability objectives to demonstrate how Camden Local Government Area (LGA) will change to meet the community needs over the next 20 years.

The LSPS implements the strategic direction of the Greater Sydney Region Plan and Western City District Plan at the local level by setting clear local priorities for jobs, homes, services and parks that the Camden community will require of the next 20 years. The LSPS sets short, medium and long-term actions linked to the local priorities, to deliver on the community’s future vision.

Community Consultation to develop the LSPS

Council developed the LSPS in close consultation with the community consisting of two phases of engagement:

  • Initial visionary engagement was undertaken between November 2018 and February 2019; and
  • Formal public exhibition of the draft LSPS between 23 July to 27 August 2019.

The initial engagement included an online community survey, local shopping centre pop ups, a digital ideas wall and community and stakeholder workshops were held in various locations around the LGA.

The draft LSPS was publicly exhibited from 23 July to 27 August 2019. Three public information sessions were held at Oran Park, Harrington Park and Camden and Council officers also attended local shopping centre drop-ins in various locations in the LGA.

Council endorsement

The outcomes of the public exhibition of the Draft Camden LSPS were considered by Council at its meeting on 10 December 2019 where Council resolved to seek final assurance from the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) to make the LSPS.

On 5 March 2020, the GSC granted assurance to make the LSPS and on 14 April 2020, Council resolved to adopt the Camden LSPS.

The adopted LSPS includes the following:

  • LSPS Vision – a 20-year vision for Camden.
  • LSPS Structure Plan – illustrating key infrastructure, productivity, liveability and sustainability features and placed based priorities within the Camden LGA.
  • LSPS Context – describing the local economic, social and environmental matters.
  • Four Infrastructure and Collaboration Local Priorities and 31 Actions.
  • Five Liveability Local Priorities and 30 Actions.
  • Six Productivity Local Priorities and 20 Actions.
  • Six Sustainability Local Priorities and 48 actions. 
  • Implementation Plan - identifying how Council will monitor and report on the delivery of the LSPS.

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