Macarthur Park Booking Form


You may have to confirm your Address to be eligible for the Local rate.

Type of Celebration

Terms and Conditions

    1. No motor vehicles are permitted within Macarthur Park 
    2. No Confetti is to be used inside Macarthur Park or on adjoining footpath 
    3. The area is to remain in a clean and tidy condition at all times 
    4. The picking of any flower/s in Macarthur Park is prohibited and is an offence 
    5. Alcohol is not currently prohibited but refer to any signage within the park for changes to this 
    6. No bookings are taken for anything other then the celebratory types listed on the front page 
    7. No pegs are to be used on the grounds for any temporary structures 
    8. Temporary structures are to be no bigger than 3m by 3m