Macarthur Park Booking Application Form


To be eligible for the Resident rate, Council may request submission of identification that confirms the applicant's residential address.

Type of Celebration

Note – bookings for any other purpose will not be accepted.


One hour is permitted per booking only, inclusive of set up and pack down from your nominated start time.

Terms and Conditions

  1. One (1) hour is permitted per booking only inclusive of set up and pack down from your nominated start time.
  2. Current COVID-19 restrictions must be adhered to.
  3. No motor vehicles are permitted within Macarthur Park.
  4. Confetti is not permitted inside Macarthur Park or on the adjoining footpath.
  5. Livestock – including horses are not permitted in Macarthur Park.
  6. Hirers must keep the area clean and tidy at all times.
  7. Picking of any flowers in Macarthur Park is prohibited. Penalties may apply.
  8. While Macarthur Park is not currently an Alcohol Free Zone, please refer to, and adhere to signage around the park for any updates relating to consumption of alcohol.
  9. Bookings will not be processed for function/event/activity types other than what is outlined on this form.
  10. The maximum allowed size for temporary structures is 3m x 3m.
  11. In inclement weather, use of the venue is at the hirers discretion to determine if they will proceed with their planned use of the park.
  12. It is recommended that appropriately rated water and sandbag weights are used and hirers must adhere to equipment guidelines and recommendations for use. In circumstances where tent pegs are used, the hirer must ensure that the peg is not visible above ground and does create a trip hazard. All pegs must be remove after usage.