Let's make art an everyday experience

Posted 11 months ago in Community

Residents are invited to help Council develop a creative, unique and innovative approach to public art.

Council’s Cultural Activation Strategy, which was adopted last year, identified the Camden area needed a plan for supporting and implementing public art, temporary and permanent. Recognised as a priority, the Public Art Strategy will align with Camden’s Public Art Policy, guiding the delivery of unique art that engages with community.

As an important vehicle for enhancing our public spaces and expressing community and cultural identity, promoting and coordinating public art will ensure Camden continues to develop as a safe, creative, unique and vibrant place.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Therese Fedeli, said public art was exciting because it could take many different forms and use different materials.

“It’s truly beautiful because it’s not just paint on a wall, or a drawing that we’re hanging up,” Cr Fedeli said.

“We’re looking at public art as an umbrella term which includes any artistic work or activity designed and created by professional arts practitioners for the public domain, temporary and permanent.

“Things like lighting, sculptures, performances, murals and, of course, artwork.

“Doing this justice means we can make art an everyday experience for residents and visitors which, in turn, will ensure the Camden area is bright, expressive, exciting and inclusive for all. It will also go a long way in adding meaning and support to particular sites.”

For more information about the proposed Public Art Strategy, including how you can contribute to the survey and when you can visit a pop-up information session, visit https://yourvoice.camden.nsw.gov.au/public-art-strategy 


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