Get comfortable in your home with free design advice

Posted 10 months ago

Residents building or renovating their home can get tips on how to improve thermal comfort and reduce operating costs by taking part in Council’s new ‘Built for Comfort’ program.

The focus of the program is based on providing local residents with Camden-specific resources and tailored advice to ensure their new home is built for greater comfort.

Council will provide up to 40 local households with the opportunity to receive a free 45-minute consultation to help incorporate simple and cost-effective design principles into the build or renovation of their home to maximise building comfort.

“We all know that owners either building or renovating must complete a sustainability assessment as part of obtaining a Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) certificate, but this is taking it that extra step further,” Cr Fedeli said.

“Applying some simple and proven design principles can actually create a year-round thermally comfortable home while also saving energy, water and money.

“I encourage residents to review the resources available on Council’s website and to book their place into the program.”

Specialist consultant Brad Hoad said this was a great step taken by Council to offer residents the chance to learn about the benefits of making simple changes before their building plans are locked in.

“The best part is, because the consultations are tailored to the individual I can spend time with the residents reviewing their specific land and building plans and give them advice on the climate in the Camden area, and where they can make minor changes to their build or renovation for a massive difference in the long term,” Mr Hoad said.

For more information and to book your place, email

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