Camden’s Centres and Employment Land Strategy adopted

Posted 19 months ago in Community, Environment

The 20-year future for the development of retail centres and employment land in Camden was set at last night’s Ordinary Meeting, with Council adopting the Camden Centres and Employment Land Strategy.

The strategy, which was prepared in response to the Greater Sydney Region Plan, Western City District Plan and the Camden Local Strategic Planning Statement, sets the vision that in 2040:

  • Camden’s retail centres and industrial and urban services land will offer a range of local job opportunities and access to amenity for the community;
  • Camden’s retail centres will be well connected to other centres across Sydney; and
  • Camden will capitalise on the area’s heritage and rural values.

It also includes an action plan and guiding criteria for the assessment of Planning Proposals. There are 34 actions in total under four key directions:

  1. A network of successful, integrated and attractive retail centres;
  2. A network of productive industrial and urban services land;
  3. Agribusiness, tourism and health care services that support the local economy; and
  4. Capitalise on existing and future infrastructure.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Therese Fedeli, said the strategy was exhibited for 28 days from 4 June to 5 July 2021 and amendments to the strategy were made in response to submissions received.

“Council received a total of 19 submissions from individuals, developers, industry bodies, government agencies and community groups,” Cr Fedeli said.

“They spoke about many of the same themes, including the need for flexible land uses; having the right mix of businesses in the right locations; improving amenities; creating more local jobs; and more support and promotion of a night-time economy.

“It was terrific to know the overwhelming feel and response to the strategy was positive.

“It’s with solid strategies like this one that Council can move forward and make decisions efficiently and confidently, knowing they all contribute to an overall vision and aspiration.”

For more information, and to read the strategy, visit and search ‘Camden Centres and Employment Land Strategy’.

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