Camden becomes Guinness World Records™ title holders

Posted 24 months ago in Community

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Camden, you are World Champions!

Camden has made history after being recognised as a Guinness World Records™ title holder for the largest online quiz!

Council broke the record at Sunday’s online event with 2,328 participants in the quiz for 92 minutes, officially putting Camden into the Guinness World Records™ for the first time ever.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Therese Fedeli, said it was fantastic to end lockdown with the world’s biggest online quiz.

“Camden’s history is unquestionable, and I am so immensely proud to have been able to help our beautiful area once again make history,” Cr Fedeli said.

“Guinness World Records™ has been around since 1955 and it is such a privilege for us to be able to add Camden into the historic records book.

“Attempting to break this record was about showing how well we can stick together while having fun and making it a fantastic final hurrah from lockdown that we will all remember for years to come, and we sure will.

“I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the fun-filled night and congratulate you all on the feat of breaking a Guinness World Records™ title.

Participants were asked to complete all questions and actively take part in the quiz for the entire duration.

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