Elderly connect with local children via MATEY project

Posted 2 months ago


Camden Council’s Matching Aged To Engaging Youngsters (MATEY) project is putting a smile on the faces of the young and young at heart, after launching last week.

The MATEY pilot project connects aged care facilities and seniors group residents with local children from pre-schools and childcare centres through craft, stories, pictures, mail and online technology.

The program aims to:

  • Reduce social isolation;
  • Create connections across generations; and
  • Establish ongoing relationships between aged care and seniors’ groups and childcare centres into the future.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Theresa Fedeli, said intergenerational play had great benefits for both the elderly and children in the community.

“Both groups really cherish spending quality time with each other and their bond is so special,” Cr Fedeli said.

“These sorts of programs can see children build stronger communication skills and develop caring relationships.

“The MATEY project also increases community interaction for those in aged care facilities who have been largely in isolation over the past two months.”

Eleven childcare centres and eleven seniors’ groups from four aged care facilities have signed on to take part in the initiative, which includes an eight-week program including introducing themselves through drawing a picture through to organising a conversation via Zoom.


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