Treatment of Microsurfacing

Camden Council has recently undertaken a road surfacing treatment called Microsurfacing on some local roads in Camden South.

Microsurfacing is an effective maintenance treatment to extend the service life of road pavements, especially lower trafficked, local roads.

The benefits and advantages of Microsurfacing include:

  • It is an early intervention preventative treatment that extends the service life of road pavement by sealing the layer beneath from harmful environmental effects.
  • It improves the pavement profile with some pavement shape correction

  • It improves the ride quality and quiets road noise due to the surface with a similar look to asphalt.

  • It provides a relatively smooth surface and has a more visually appealing finish compared to spray sealing.

  • It is a cost-effective treatment that provides a new wearing surface that usually effective for five to seven years.

  • It is more cost effective compared to conventional asphalt overlays allowing Council to provide treatment for larger extent of the expanding road network.

As with treatments similar to Microsurfacing, the surface may look rough & loose immediately after application. This generally improves around 3-4 weeks after the work is complete. This is due to the normal vehicle movements to help settle the surfacing and Councils scheduled street sweeping to remove any loose stones. An example of the recent works can be seen in the figures below.

Figure one: Before Treatment  Figure two: After Treatment