Camden Town Centre Streetscape Improvements Stage 2

The revitalisation of Argyle Street in Camden continues with the widening of a section of the road median between Elizabeth Street and Edward Street to improve safety and visual appeal of the historic town centre. These works will help ensure the main street of Camden remains relevant to our growing Local Government Area.

Argyle Street Median Before



Argyle Street Median After Shot



Enhancement works of the streetscape between Oxley Street and Hill Street were completed in the first phase of the project in 2016.



Project Name:  Argyle Street Streetscape Improvements
Project Address:  Argyle Street, Camden
Ward: South
Project Outcome: Visual streetscape improvement by widening the median to allow for landscaping and accommodate eight mature Jacaranda trees.
Project Budget: $440,000
Completion Date: July 2017

About the Project

Upgrades to the Camden Town Centre streetscapes are imperative to ensure Camden continues to grow and flourish. The injection of significant infrastructure into the Camden CBD after Council moved to Oran Park in 2016 will help ensure Camden is stronger and better placed than what it is today.

In June 2008 Council adopted the Camden Town Centre Strategy 2008. The purpose of the Strategy was to provide planning principles and establish a framework for the implementation of a range of public realm improvements within the Camden Town Centre.

Camden sits within one of the fastest growing parts of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. In addition there have been many challenges affecting Camden including the recent increase in size and role of the Narellan Town Centre and the relocation of Council’s Administration Centre to Oran Park in 2016.

Given these challenges, in 2014, Council commenced investigations to guide the future of the Camden town centre. JBA Urban Town Planning consultants were appointed by Council to engage with the community and stakeholders to develop a vision for the Camden town centre.

Council subsequently adopted the Camden Town Centre Vision Report on 14 April 2015. Refer to Council Report and the Camden Centre Vision Report for more information.

Council ran an extensive community consultation period for the Argyle Street streetscape improvements in 2014 over an extended 8 week period, with 587 formal submissions containing over 3,000 individual comments. The consultation process identified majority community support for the proposed works.

Specific features of this project include:

  • Removal and replacement of 80 metre length of median along Argyle Street between Elizabeth Street and Edward Street to transform the median from concrete to an attractive green space.
  • Widening of median to allow planting of eight new advanced Jacaranda trees.
  • Drainage improvement works


The first component of the project between Oxley Street and John Street was completed in July 2016.

The next stage of works between John Street and Hill Street was completed in August 2016.

Median works between Elizabeth Street and Edward Street started in early April 2017 and was completed in early June 2017, ahead of schedule.


More Information

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    Camden Town Centre Streetscape Improvements
    Major Projects Branch
    Camden Council
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