Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework

Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework


Project Name: Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework
Project Address:  Camden Town Centre
Ward: South
Completion Date: August 2018

Project Background

In late 2016, Camden Council engaged a team of consultants, led by McGregor Coxall, to develop an Urban Design Framework for Camden Town Centre. This framework will provide a structure for the future direction of Camden Town Centre by addressing both existing challenges and future opportunities. Attached is a copy of the study brief.

Engagement sessions were held throughout 2017 to further gain an understanding of opportunities, challenges and big ideas for Camden Town Centre from discussion with both community members and stakeholders.

To guide initial thinking the consultant team developed a town centre revitalisation approach called “place vitality” that intrinsically integrates both masterplanning and place making together, to create a resilient and sustainable future for Camden Town Centre.

The Framework was placed on public exhibition from 24 April until 6 July 2018.

Council adopted the framework on 14 August 2018.

Background Documents

Interested in the background documents used in preparing the Framework Report? These can be accessed by the following links:

E-New Circular Updates

Framework Overview

Built Form


Natural Environment

Access & Movement


Public Domain