Major Council Projects

Projects Underway


Camden to Narellan Corridor Upgrade


Project Name: Camden to Narellan Corridor Upgrade
Project Address: Various locations in the vicinity of Camden Valley Way and Argyle Street between Camden and Narellan, including intersections at Macarthur Road, Hilder Street, Kirkham Lane and Grahams Hill Road and Porrende Street.
Ward: North, South and Central
Project Outcome: This project aims to improve traffic flow, reduce travel times, and increase the safety and efficiency of Camden Valley Way and adjacent roads.
Project Budget: Local Roads Package Funding Round 1: $2.34 million
Local Roads Package Funding Round 2: $8.63 million
Expected Completion Date: End of 2018

Oxley Street Carpark Extension

oxley street car park

Project Name: Oxley Street Car Park Extension
Project Address: Oxley Street, Camden
Ward: South
Project Outcome: Provision of additional parking capacity for Camden Town Centre
Project Budget: $3.6 Million
Expected Completion Date: November 2017

Macaria Art Gallery

Macaria Building

Project Name: Macaria Art Gallery
Project Address: 37 John Street, Camden
Ward: Central
Project Outcome: To deliver a high quality public art gallery to the Camden Community.
Project Budget: $1 Million
Expected Construction Completion Date: December 2017
Open to Public: Early 2018

Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework

Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework

Project Name: Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework
Project Address: Camden Town Centre
Ward: South
Expected Completion Date: Late 2017


Recently Completed

Narellan Sports Hub


Project Name: Narellan Sports Hub

Project Address: Corner of The Northern Road and Porrende Street, Narellan

Ward: South

Project Outcome: Staged development of a district level sports hub in Narellan which will ultimately feature a 44 court netball complex, a variety of athletics facilities and car parking for 1000 vehicles.

Project Budget: $11 Million (Stage 1)

Completion Date: October 2017

Mount Annan Leisure Centre

Mt Annan Swimming Pool


Project Name: Mount Annan Leisure Centre

Project Address: Corner of Welling Drive and Waterworth Drive, Mount Annan

Ward: Central

Project Outcome: Upgrade and expand the existing facilities to provide improvements to the entry, additional fitness areas, two new indoor multi-purpose courts and additional car parking.

Project Budget: $13.5 Million

Completion Date: September 2017

Camden General Cemetery Upgrade - Stage 1

Camden Cemetery collambarium wall

Project Name: Camden General Cemetery Stage 1 Upgrade

Project Address: Corner of Burragorang and Cawdor Roads, Camden

Ward: South

Project Outcome: 3 new columbarium walls, 12 trees accommodating 4 memorial stones at each tree, car parking, general landscaping, maintenance area and a unisex toilet facility to enrich the Camden General Cemetery and surrounds.

Project Budget: $1,365,601 million

Completion Date: July 2017

Argyle Street Streetscape Improvements

Argyle Street Median After Shot

Project Name: Argyle Street Streetscape Improvements

Project Address: Argyle Street, Camden

Ward: South

Project Outcome: Visual streetscape improvement by widening the median to allow for landscaping and accommodate eight mature Jacaranda trees.

Project Budget: $440,000

Completion Date: July 2017