Seeds of Sustainability – Sustainability Education for Preschools

Seeds of Sustainability is a sustainability education program for preschools of the Camden Local Government Area (LGA). The Seeds of Sustainability program was officially launched on 19 November 2014.

Seeds of Sustainability addresses three key themes of water, biodiversity and energy and assists early education service providers in taking an active role in caring for their environment and contributing to a sustainable future in line with the Early Learning Years Framework.

Council offers the following incursions as part of the Seeds of Sustainability program to address the key themes of water, energy and biodiversity.

Water is Life

In Water is life children will learn about how water is needed for life. Children will have a basic understanding of water and the water cycle, the value of water and its different uses and simple ways that we can save water.

Homes & Habitats

In Homes & Habitats children will learn basic biodiversity concepts, different habitats, how animals live in these habitats and how to identify signs of biodiversity.

Let’s Power Up

In Let’s Power Up children will learn about the concept of ‘energy’, different forms of energy, how we use energy and most importantly how we save energy.

For further information, contact Council’s Sustainability Team.