Swimming Pools

All swimming pools that are capable of being filled with 300mm of water must be surrounded by a child-resistant barrier. Inflatable/portable pools are not exempt and must comply with swimming pool laws.

Pool Registration

All swimming pool owners are required to register their pool on the state-wide online
Swimming Pool register.

To register a pool, pool owners will need to know:

  • Address of the pool.
  • The type of property such as a private residence, multi-occupancy (units etc) or tourist and visitor accommodation.
  • If the property is on a waterfront, land greater than 2 hectares or less than 230 square metres
  • When the pool was built (3 choices of date range apply)
  • If the pool barrier has been substantially modified or rebuilt and when that took place (3 choices of date range apply).

For more information phone Camden Council on 4654 7777.

Inspection Program

Recent amendments to the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 require Council to develop a Swimming Pool Inspection Program in consultation with the community.

Prior to Council Officers inspecting swimming pools, owners must complete the application form for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance.

You are also encouraged to complete a Self Assessment Checklist prior to Council inspecting your pool, to ensure non-compliances are rectified and avoid paying for re-inspections.

Note: Should you be required to have more than one inspection a further $100 fee shall be paid prior to a re-inspection.

For further information refer to www.olg.nsw.gov.au and the Swimming Pool Register website.

Public Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools and spas located with the Camden Local Government Area are required to notify council. Public swimming pools and spas are defined up the Public Health Act 2010. Water Parks are defined as public swimming pools and therefore are required to meet the same standards.