Flood Risk Management Committee

The Floodplain Risk Management Committee is made up of representatives from Councillors, Council staff, community and state agency specialists. Its main responsibility is to guide Council in the development and implementation of detailed flood risk management plans to assist in the production of appropriate floodplain risk management outcomes.

Please see the Terms of Reference of Camden Council's Floodplain Risk Management Committee for more information.


Vacant Committee Positions – South Creek and Narellan Creek

Camden Council invites expressions of interest for two vacant community memberships for the Floodplain Risk Management Committee. Community membership of the committee consists of six members; two from each catchment being; the Upper South Creek, Nepean River and Narellan Creek catchments. Please refer to the catchment map provided.

 Two vacant positions exist, one from the residents of Upper South Creek catchment and one from the residents of the Narellan Creek Catchment to provide community input on a variety of floodplain management projects and programs.

Through its Floodplain Risk Management Committee, Council will prepare comprehensive Flood Studies and Flood Risk Management Plans for the catchments within the Local Government Area. In particular, the Committee will be involved in the preparation of the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plans for both the Narellan Creek and Nepean River catchments, following adoption of the initial flood studies.



Invitations for Expression of Interest from the community are open until further notice.

If interested, complete the Committee Membership Application Form and return it to the following address marked:

Floodplain Risk Management Committee
Camden Council
PO Box 183
Camden NSW 2570

Alternatively, completed applications can be returned via email.

For more information regarding the Floodplain Risk Management Committee, contact Council's Stormwater and Floodplain Engineer on 4654 7777.