Threatened Species Art and Writing Competition

The competition will be back in 2021!


Competition opens: Monday 26 July

Competition closes: Friday 27 August

Awards ceremony: Thursday 9 September


Stay tuned for more information.

About the competition 

The Threatened Species Art and Writing Competition (TSAC) is a regional environmental education program, involving Camden Council, Campbelltown City Council and Wollondilly Shire Council. The competition celebrates Biodiversity Month (September) and Threatened Species Day on Tuesday 7 September.

The Macarthur region, our backyard, is home to a wide diversity of native plants and animals. Many of these plants and animals are affected by a range of impacts such as habitat loss, competition and predation from non-native species and foreign diseases. There are a range of species occurring within the local region that are at risk of extinction and have been listed as ‘Threatened Species.’

The competition targets all stages of primary school, and is open to young people aged 5-12. TSAC encourages students to learn about a local threatened species and represent it in an artwork or creative writing piece. Winners will have the opportunity to be featured in the video to describe their artwork and inspiration.

The competition is now in its 14th year and through its cross-curricular nature has been successfully engaging primary schools in Geography, Science, Visual Arts and English throughout the Macarthur region.