Native flora and fauna of Macarthur

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The Macarthur region is home to many native plants and animals, as well as endangered ecological communities.

Cumberland Plain Woodland is a Critically Endangered Ecological Community found in Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly local government areas. Cumberland Plain Woodland is important as this ecological community is not found outside of Western Sydney. Due to high levels of urban growth and infestation with invasive species it is becoming rarer in NSW.

Native plant or weed?

It can be tricky identifying if a plant is a native plant or weed species. There are great resources available which show the common weeds and garden escapes you are likely to find in the Sydney region:

And remember, only native plants are eligible to enter in the Native Flora category of the competition.

Native animals

Greater Sydney Local Land Services has developed the following resources which show the common native birds, reptiles, frogs and mammals of Sydney:

And remember, only native animals are eligible to enter in the Native Fauna category of the competition.

How do I create a native garden at home?

Feeling inspired to create a native habitat garden to help our local wildlife? Check out Camden’s Native Garden Guide which has been developed to help residents improve the existing biodiversity in their garden, or to design a native garden from scratch.

Council’s ‘Connect with Nature’ series of videos and activity guides also provides advice and instructions on how to build habitat features in your garden such as a bee hotel and frog hotel or jacuzzi.