Competition themes

700x336 Banner MNP Competition 2021 Gary Shuttleworth

There are four themes in this year’s competition:

1. Native Flora - Images that showcase the diverse array of native flora found within the Macarthur region (i.e. plants, flowers, trees, leaves, bark).

2. Native Fauna - Images that celebrate our unique native fauna found within the Macarthur region (i.e. birds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians).

3. Waterways - Images reflecting an aspect of the lakes, rivers and creeks of the Macarthur region (e.g.. Thirlmere Lakes, Georges River, Nepean River and their tributaries).

4. Landscapes of Macarthur - Panoramic images of characteristic landscapes and views of the Macarthur highlighting the unique features of the region (i.e. sunsets/sunrises, local nature reserves, and national parks).

To learn more about the native plants and animals of the Macarthur region, visit this webpage (coming soon).

For inspiration, check out the online gallery of last year’s entries.

Campbelltown Hospital Arts Collection

In 2021, Macarthur Nature Photography Competition entrants have the opportunity to have their entries considered for inclusion in the Campbelltown Hospital Arts Collection, with the potential for nominated images to be featured within the hospitals new clinical services building or existing buildings.

Find out more information on the importance of arts and culture for the project.