Fox Control Program

The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is an invasive predator that causes significant damage to livestock and the environment throughout Australia. Introduced by settlers in the 1830’s, foxes rapidly spread across the continent and can now be found in all states except for Tasmania.

Foxes are found in the Camden LGA where they predate wildlife and stock, scavenge food from urban areas and spread both the invasive species, African Olive and Blackberry through consumption of their fruit. In the interest of protecting our native wildlife and minimising damage to stock, Council has formed a partnership with the Greater Sydney Local Land Services, Wollondilly and Campbelltown Councils, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Barragal Landcare group, to establish the Menangle Fox Control Group.

The Menangle Fox Control Group (MFCG) was formed in 2016 to coordinate a landscape approach to managing foxes. The MFCG aims to educate local landholders and managers about the best practice methods of fox control through community workshops. Conducting control activities twice a year during autumn and spring across the local area, will have a significant impact on the current fox population.

For further information about the MFCG please visit the Greater Sydney Local Land Services website.