Online Application Lodgement

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment allows you to submit development applications (DAs) to Council online through the NSW Planning Portal. To submit online you need to register for a Portal account. Once registration is complete you will fill out an online application form and upload your application documentation.

You are required to submit the same documentation with your online application that is required by Council’s DA lodgement checklists. Once submitted your application will be checked by Council staff to ensure it is complete. If your application is incomplete it will be returned to you through the Portal with details of what is missing.

If your application is complete it will be accepted for lodgement and you will be advised to contact Council’s Customer Service team to pay the application fees. Alternatively you may complete and submit a Credit Card Authorisation form with your online application to authorise Council to debit the application fees. Applications are not legally lodged with Council until the application fees have been paid in full.

During the assessment of your online application, if Council requires additional information this will be communicated to you through the Portal. All additional information you provide to Council must be submitted through the Portal.

Further information on online applications is available on the NSW Planning Portal.