Certificates and Statements

What is a Fire Safety Certificate?

The Fire Safety Certificate is the first certificate that is submitted by the owner:

  • after the installation of essential fire safety measures and on completion of fire safety upgrading work, or
  • before occupation of a new or altered building, or
  • before occupation with a change of use

This certificate states that each of the specified essential fire safety measures listed in the fire safety schedule have been installed in the building or on the land and that those measures are capable of operating to the performance standard listed in the Fire Safety Schedule.

A blank Fire Safety Certificate is available to download.


What is an Annual Fire Safety Statement?

An annual fire safety statement is a statement which is issued every 12 months after the date of issue of the final fire safety certificate.

The statement must be submitted to Council by the owner of the building and shall state, that each essential fire safety measure installed in the building or on the land has been assessed by a competent fire safety practitioner and was found, when it was assessed, to be capable of performing to a standard no less than that specified in the most recent fire safety schedule.

A blank Annual/Supplementary Fire Safety Statement is available to download.


What is a Supplementary Fire Safety Statement?

These are also issued after the final fire safety certificate and relate to critical fire safety measures which are measures of such a nature, or is implemented in such an environment or in such circumstances, that need periodic assessment and certification at intervals of less than 12 months.

These measures are often developed as part of an Alternative Solution designed by a fire engineer, being a fire safety measure which is alternative to the standard fire safety requirements stipulated by the Building Code of Australia.

A good example of this would be the practice of an evacuation plan at 6 monthly intervals.

This type of measure will be identified separately on the fire safety schedule together with the time period in which the “supplementary fire safety statements” are to be submitted to Council.

A blank Annual/Supplementary Fire Safety Statement is available to download.


What if the Annual/Supplementary Fire Safety Statement is not submitted on time?

It is an offence to fail to provide the statement. Weekly penalty notices apply for this offence:

  • 1 week late $1000

  • 2 weeks late an additional $2000

  • 3 weeks late an additional $3000

  • 4 weeks late an additional $4000

Each of these is a separate offence.

‘Failure to maintain Essential Fire Safety Measures’ (which is a separate offence again) can also result in a fine. The penalty in this instance is $3000 and Council will impose this as necessary.

Failure to submit an annual fire safety statement could also lead to legal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court, where a maximum penalty for a breach is $110,000.

These substantial penalties reflect how important it is to provide an annual fire safety statement by the due date. We take it very seriously and we expect the building owner to do the same.