Development Application Checklist

The application must also be accompanied by the correct DA information checklist and all information listed therein. The following checklists are required for the following types of developments:

  • Checklist 1 - Dwellings and dwelling extensions/alterations.
  • Checklist 2 - Business identification and advertising signage.
  • Checklist 3 - Commercial change of uses, shop fit outs EXCLUDING food shops, hairdressers, barbers and skin penetration businesses etc.
  • Checklist 4 - New commercial buildings including shopping centres, office complexes etc. with their specific uses the subject of separates DAs.
  • Checklist 5 - Industrial change of uses, vehicle repair workshops, warehouses etc.
  • Checklist 6 - New industrial buildings including factories, warehouses etc, but with their specific uses the subject of separate DAs.
  • Checklist 7 - Home businesses.
  • Checklist 8 - Hairdressers, barbers and skin penetration businesses etc.
  • Checklist 9 - Food shop change of uses etc.
  • Checklist 10 - Subdivision of land involving no construction works, boundary adjustments etc.
  • Checklist 11 - Subdivision of land involving construction, urban release area subdivisions etc.
  • Checklist 12 - Other developments not covered by other checklists including special events, telecommunication facilities etc.
  • Checklist 13 - Section 96 Modification applications.
  • Checklist 14 - Domestic sheds, garages, carports, awnings, pergolas, swimming pools, greenhouses etc.
  • Checklist 15 - Complying Development applications.
  • Checklist 16 - Construction Certificate applications.
  • Checklist 17 - Guide to Temporary Structures.

If you are lodging a Torrens Subdivision application you will need to follow the Subdivision Checklist.



If you are unsure of which checklist to use, phone Council on 4654 7777. Depending on your development, you may need to use more than one checklist.

The following two guides will help you prepare a complete Statement of Environment Effects to lodge with your application:

The following template will assist you in preparing a Waste Management Plan that you need to lodge with your application

The following documents are needed if you are lodging a combined Development Application and Construction Certificate;

When lodging your DA with Council it will be checked to ensure that the application form has been fully completed and that all required information checklists and all the information listed therein has been submitted.

If all of the required documentation and other information is not submitted with the application then you will not be able to lodge your DA with Council.

The decision as to whether or not the information you have submitted is satisfactory rests with Council.

You may lodge your DA at Council's Oran Park office, if the application is found to be incomplete it will be returned to you.