Pre DA Advice

Prior to lodging a DA, you may wish to consult with Council. 

There are two different ways to obtain pre-DA advice from Council:

1: Duty Officer Enquiry

 Examples of duty officer enquiries include:

  • How many car parking spaces do I need for my development?

  • Can I subdivide my land and what is the minimum lot size?

  • Do I need a DA to put up a sign? 

Phone or visit Council's Oran Park office and talk to the duty officer regarding your proposed development. Many DA questions can be quickly answered this way.

2: Formal Pre-DA Advice

Formal pre-DA topics are:

  • DAs proposing large subdivisions, residential flat buildings, multi dwelling housing, significant commercial developments including shopping centres and complex industrial developments;

  • DAs that will be determined by the Sydney Western City Planning Panel;

  • DAs with a capital investment value greater than $2 million;
  • Complex proposals including those with environmentally constrained sites
  • DAs that are likely to attract a large number of submissions from the public; and

  • DAs that will involve LEP or DCP variations that you wish to discuss with council staff.

Complete and e-mail a Pre-DA Application Form to As stated on the form you must provide a list of the specific questions you would like answered and concept plans of the proposed development.

Please note: Council staff will decide whether or not a pre-DA meeting will be offered.

Following the lodgement of the application and/or meeting, Council staff will e-mail you a letter providing answers to the specific questions you have asked and other relevant advice to assist you in preparing your DA.

Please note that pre-DA advice is preliminary in nature and that no detailed assessment of the site or proposed development is undertaken. Following lodgement of the DA and a detailed assessment, additional issues may arise that are not detailed in the pre-DA advice that may require the proposed development to be modified or additional information to be provided. Council may also determine that the proposed development cannot be supported on the site.

In addition, many developments require approval from third party authorities such as the Department of Primary Industries - Water and the NSW Rural Fire Service. Council staff cannot provide specific details on the requirements of these authorities and separate contact should be made with them before lodging your DA.