What do I do after receiving my DA?

For Building Developments

Before you commence any work you must;

  • Choose a Certifying Authority and obtain a Construction Certificate.
    Please note, if you have a Complying Development this does not apply, proceed to the next step.
  • Appoint a Principal Certifier (PC).
  • Notify the Council (and the PC if your PC is not Council) of your intention to commence the building works. This notification must be given at least 2 days before commencing work.


For Subdivision Developments

Before you commence any work you must;


For Strata

The strata plan is a subdivision of a parcel of Real Property land into separate lots and common property. For further information about Strata Schemes visit NSW Land & Property Information (LPI).

After you have been granted approval for a Strata Subdivision, Development Consent or Complying Development Certificate:

  • Complete any buildings works and obtain and Occupation Certificate from the relevant PCA.
  • Have your Strata Plan, Administration Sheet  and Certificate prepared by a Registered Surveyor.
  • Lodge the Strata Certificate for signing with Council or an Accredited Certifier.

For further enquires contact Council on 4654 7777, or see our Strata Certificate Lodgement Checklist.