2019 Camden Local Planning Panel Agendas and Minutes

Generally, Camden Local Planning Panel meetings will be held every third Tuesday of the month, in the Council Chambers at the Oran Park Administration Centre, 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park.

Camden Local Planning Panel Meetings will commence at 2pm and are open to the public.

If you wish to speak about an item on the agenda, please complete the application form,

20 August 2019 

Closed Camden Local Planning Panel

Closed Meeting Minutes  | Declaration Forms

  • CCLPP01 - A Saddle Close Currans Hill Planning Proposal
  • CCLPP02 - 187 & 191 Turner Road Currans Hill Planning Proposal
  • CCLPP03 - Macquarie Grove Road Planning Proposal

20 August 2019

The public meeting has been cancelled.

Electronic Determination Meeting- July 2019

Agenda | Determination and Statement of Reasons | Declaration Forms

  • CLPP01  - DA/2019/136/1 - Part Demolition and Restoration of a Heritage Listed Dwelling - 100 Cobbitty Road, Cobbitty

18 June 2019

Agenda | Minutes | Audio Recording |Declaration Forms 

  • CLPP01 - DA/2018/927/1 - Remediation of Contaminated Land, Demolition of Existing Structures, Staged Subdivision Creating 65 Torrens Title Residential Lots and 1 Residue Lot, Tree Removal, and Associated Site Works at 160 and 168 Heath Road, Leppington
  • CLPP02 - DA/2019/284/1 - To Demolish Part of a Heritage Building, Carry out Alterations and Additions and use the Premises as a Denture Clinic - 20 Hill Street, Camden

21 May 2019

Agenda | Minutes | Audio Recording |Declaration Forms 

  • CLPP01 - DA/2018/599/1 - Demolition of the Existing Dwelling House and Construction of a 2 Storey Plus Attic Level Commercial Building, Car Parking, Landscaping, Service Provision and Landscape Works - 20 Elizabeth Street, Camden
  • CLPP02 - DA/2019/285/1 - Removal of an Existing Awning, Construction of a New Awning and Associated Site Works - 6-8 Lawson Avenue, Camden South

16 April 2019

Agenda | Minutes | Audio Recording Part 1 |Audio Recording Part 2 |Declaration Forms | Closed Meeting Minutes

  • CLPP01 - DA/2018/775/1 - Alterations, Extension and use of an Existing Building as an 88 Place Centre-Based Child Facility, Display of Signage and Associated Site Works - 18 and 20 Broughton Street, Camden
  • CCLPP01 - Oran Park Town Centre Planning Proposal

Electronic Determination Meeting

Agenda | Determination and Statement of Reasons | Declaration Forms

  • CLPP01 - DA/2018/1236/1 - Construction of a Community and Amenities Building - 35 Astley Road, Catherine Field
  • CLPP02 - DA/2018/710/1 - Construction of Six Storey Residential Flat Building at Oran Park Drive, Oran Park

19 March 2019

This meeting has been cancelled.

19 February 2019

Agenda | Minutes | Audio Recording |Declaration Forms

Please note CLPP01 was withdrawn and no longer required determination.

  • CLPP01 - DA/2018/261/1 - Intensive Livestock Agriculture (Poultry Farm) & Intensive Plant Agriculture (Hydroponic Leafy Vegetable), Construction of Internal Roads, Hardstand, Storage and Packing Sheds and Poultry Feed Silos at 84 Cut Hill Road, Cobbitty
  • CLPP02 - DA/2018/1242/1 - Installation of an Additional Silo and Associated Site Works to an Existing A2 Milk Processing Facility at 34 Dunn Road, Smeaton Grange
  • CLPP03 - DA/2018/1472/1 - Torrens Title Subdivision to Create 2 Residential Lots, Construction of 2 Two Storey Dwellings and Associated Site Works at 46 Bega Street, Gregory Hills
  • CLPP04 - Delegating Consent Authority Functions for Temporary Events

Electronic Determinations - February 2019

22 January 2019

Agenda | Minutes | Audio Recording |Declaration Forms

  • CLPP01 - DA/2018/1031/1 - Increase Capacity of a Resin Capsule Plant - 40-44 Anzac Avenue, Smeaton Grange
  • CLPP02 - DA/2018/35/1 - Demolition of the Existing Dwelling House and Construction of a Two Storey Dwelling House and Pool - 610 Cut Hill Road, Cobbitty
  • CLPP03 - DA/2018/1388/1 - Construction of Two Storey Dwelling House, Swimming Pool and Cabana, with Associated Site Works - 8 Dunstan Street, Oran Park
  • CLPP04 - DA/2018/1174/1 - Torrens Title Subdivision to Create Two (2) Allotments and the Construction of Two (2) Semi-Detached Dwellings - 32 Bega Street, Gregory Hills
  • CLPP05 - DA/2018/1046/1 - Torrens Title Subdivision, Construction and Embellishment of Two Public Reserve Lots, a Road and Associated Site Works Including Environmental Protection Works - 600B The Northern Road and 76 Central Avenue, Oran Park