$16.8 Million Support Package

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Camden Council's $16.8 Million COVID-19 Support Package is Stages One and Two of our relief package for residents and local businesses suffering the shock of COVID-19.

The relief package will have three stages to be rolled out. Stage Three, or the recovery phase of the package, will be announced soon. It will include a mix of major projects, events and activations and grants and financial support mechanisms for business and community groups.

For more information on any of the below information, including how to apply, contact Council on 4654 7777. Our Customer Service Team will direct you to the correct people.

What did Council do to help?

Rate relief

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  • All ratepayers within the Camden LGA were given a one-off $100 rate rebate for the 2020/21 rating year.

  • For residents experiencing hardship, Council also waived the interest due on overdue rate notices for a period of up to 12 months

  • Council also removed red tape and requirement for a hardship application


COVID 19 Support package icons19 Council provided residents with the option:
  • For a full refund for tickets to paid Council events
  • To reschedule without penalty
  • For a full refund for monies paid for facility and space hire
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  • Council developed an online portal on Council’s website for COVID-19 information relevant to the local community
  • Key staff were identified to assist residents with specific concerns and direct them to subject matter experts
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  • Following the closure of our libraries, Council worked to expand the provision of eResources available to the community

  • Council delivered a number of much-loved library programs on social media, including Storytime

  • There was continuous promotion of digital access to library collections and youth programming

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  • No increase to Domestic Waste Management charges for 2020/21

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  • The waiving of some non-statutory fees and charges for community and business provided additional financial assistance during the COVID-19 period
  • These fees were automatically waived
  • Council waived non-statutory fees for an initial period of six months, pertaining to the following service areas:
    1. Fees associated with fire safety certificates and health inspections, including food shop inspections
    2. Fees associated with cemetery services
    3. Fines associated with our library services
    4. Fees associated with outdoor dining
    5. Fees associated with companion animal release
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  • Council continued to maintain economic stimulation by ensuring the progression of our extensive infrastructure works program, and the inclusion of an additional $11.4M of works into the program.
  • Council accelerated the delivery of a number of infrastructure projects from the 2020/21 Capital Works Program, which were completed by 31 December 2020.
  • $60million worth of infrastructure projects are being delivered in 20/21
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  • Council digitally delivered workshops and exhibitions at the Alan Baker Art Gallery, and ran a number of digital media campaigns to showcase the Alan Baker Collection.
  • This enabled continued access to the Allan Baker Art Gallery’s current exhibition Portraits of Camden, which was captured digitally through a series of 360 degree still photographs.


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  • In Council's Quick Response Grants, we handed out grants of up to $2000 to small businesses for immediate assistance. More than $300,000 was granted.

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  • In Council's Digital Adaptation and Innovation Grants, small businesses were able to apply for grants of up to $15,000 to adapt their business models to digital delivery. A total of 24 local businesses were successful in receiving more than $260,000.

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  • Council developed an online portal on Council’s website for COVID-19 information relevant to the local community

  • Key staff were identified to assist residents with specific concerns and direct them to subject matter experts

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  • A number of social media campaigns were developed to continue to support local businesses and to boost positivity in the community

  • They include #camdenbought, #camdenlove and the online database of local businesses still operating through COVID-19

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  • Businesses leasing Council facilities, with an annual income of up to $50 million, received a 50 per cent reduction in rent for a period of three months

  • Council didn't enforce evictions for a period of six months

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  • Council implemented a Local Preference Policy and a Local Vendor Panel

  • Vendor Panel provides a central place for local business to register the goods and services they can provide

Community groups

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  • In Council's Community Response Grants, community groups were able to apply for up to $15,000 in funding. More than $154,000 of funding was split amongst 17 community groups.

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  • Council made available eligible staff to volunteer at Lifeline as part of their current roles to assist with the increased volume of calls Lifeline were receiving