Assistance due to financial hardship

If you're unable to pay your rates due to financial hardship, we can help.

All landowners

If you're struggling to pay your rates, you can enter into an arrangement to pay, which would be aligned to your capacity to pay. You're not required to provide any evidence of hardship in order to go into the arrangement to pay. 

Interest will still accrue on your account with an arrangement to pay at 6% p.a. (this is a statutory interest rate and isn't set by Council). However, you can apply to have the interest accrued on your account written off on the basis of hardship by providing more details. To do so, you can email us at or call us on 4654 7777.



Council allows pensioners 12 months to pay their rates before interest is applied to the outstanding balance. Council will not take legal action against pensioners to recover outstanding balances.